John Oliver rips Trump's 'worthless' Syria raid: Delta passengers take longer to get back in the air
HBO's John Oliver discusses police accountability (Screen capture)

On Sunday's edition of "Last Week Tonight," host John Oliver wrecked the Trump administration's attack on Syria this week, but reserved particular scorn for the media figures who suddenly reversed course and became uncritical supporters of the administration.

Brian Williams' decision to quote a Leonard Cohen song was particularly awful, Oliver said.

"This is not a song, it's not a movie," Oliver scoffed. "We fired real missiles at an actual country."

Some of the president's most persistent critics have changed their tune, Oliver noted, like Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) and praised it as "the right thing to do."

Oliver, like many, wants to know why Trump was suddenly on fire to retaliate for this chemical attack, when he urged the U.S to stay clear when Assad used chemical weapons four years ago.

The images that motivated Trump to stage this attack, while gruesome, Oliver said, "While it is natural to want to make some kind of response, it has to come in the context of a larger strategy or it's close to worthless."

"While the strikes appear to have made certain people feel better, what did they actually change?" he asked.

Given that Assad's air force was flying bombing runs out of the base less than 24 hours later, the answer to that would appear to be "nothing."

"Delta passengers experience more significant delays on a daily basis," he quipped.

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