Kellyanne Conway: Turmoil at White House is normal -- it's just because Trump doesn't hire 'yes men'
Trump administration spokeswoman Kellyanne Conway (screen capture)

The White House dispatched senior adviser Kellyanne Conway to Fox News on Friday night with an eye toward tamping down rumors of a major staff shakeup on the way. reported that Conway insisted that the plethora of leaks and stories coming out of the White House describing massive internal friction are just the natural by-product of the fact that President Donald Trump values an "diversity of opinion" and doesn't hire "yes men."

Trump critics, Conway said, are focusing on turmoil "to distract from the success he's had this week" including the appointment of Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court.

"Donald Trump as a businessman and certainly as president of the United States surrounds himself with a diverse group of people who are brilliant who have different expertise, who have very strong opinions."

She went on, "And this is a man who's very comfortable receiving different insights and different inputs from people. He's never surrounded himself with a bunch of 'yes men' and that strength and diversity of opinions leads to the president having many different inputs."

The Trump administration's hiring to fill positions on federal agencies is lagging far behind the rate of other administrations, largely because Pres. Trump doesn't want to hire anyone who was disloyal or skeptical toward him during his political campaign.

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