Machete-wielding Trump fan attacks non-Republicans in Kentucky campus rampage
Mitchell Adkins (Facebook)

A man armed with a machete and a bag full of knives seriously injured a Kentucky student Friday morning in a politically motivated attack at a campus coffee shop.

The assailant, identified as 19-year-old Mitchell W. Adkins of Cincinnati, allegedly brought weapons into Jazzman's Cafe at Transylvania University in Lexington, where he made a bizarre proclamation and then asked other customers about their political affiliation, reported the Lexington Herald-Leader.

"The day of reckoning is here," the man said, according to witnesses.

[caption id="attachment_1033010" align="alignnone" width="800"] Mitchell Adkins (Facebook)[/caption]

He then approached two women at the café.

"He asked the first girl if she was a Democrat or a Republican, she said Republican, (and) he said okay, then asked some other girl," said witness Michael Soder. "By that time, some of my friends were running out and yelling for us to leave, and I tried to stay behind to see if -- I mean I didn't know what to do, I wanted to help, but I knew I should get out of there."

Another witness shared a similar account.

"He asked somebody what their political affiliation was, they said 'Republican,' and the guy said, 'You are safe,' and then I realized what was going on and started getting people out," said witness Tristan Reynolds.

The alleged assailant, who withdrew from the university in 2015, then pulled out a machete and attacked a woman in the café.

The student was hospitalized with non-life-threatening injuries, and another person was treated at the scene.

Adkins, who wrote a complaint posted in November 2015 on Buzzfeed about alleged discrimination conservatives face on campus, was arrested.