MSNBC's Ari Melber hosted a panel on Sunday night that examined the implications of President Donald Trump's reluctance thus far in his presidency to visit other countries. At this juncture in their presidencies, both former Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama had made state visits to Mexico and Canada.

Atlantic magazine editor-at-large Steve Clemons said, "Donald Trump has offended just about every close ally" with his bumbling, ill-informed statements about foreign policy. "He's just acted disinterested while hugging and tipping his hat at a lot of thugs around the world."

This has raised "doubts about the United States," he said.

Joan Walsh of The Nation said it's "crazy" that Trump sends daughter and son-in-law overseas to Germany and Iraq when they have "no real portfolio" in international affairs or anything outside their own family businesses.

"There are so many dangerous implications of this 'homebody' approach," Walsh continued. "One is that it shows that he's not terribly curious."

"It's incredibly rude, though, in a way," she said. "I mean, it's nice that he's hosting people at Mar-a-Lago and bombing people over chocolate cake, but it's just such a sign of arrogance and almost contempt" for others, a "power sign" that everyone must come and "kiss the ring."

David Corn said, "It's the move of a narcissist, the world revolves around him, literally, so he doesn't go them" and that complacency leads to "ignorance."

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