'No means no': Bill O'Reilly's new book features a dating section on consent
Bill O'Reilly (Fox News)

In his new book, Fox News host Bill O'Reilly included a section on sexual assault and consent. The news comes just days after it was revealed O'Reilly settled a sexual harassment suit for $13 million and women continue to come forward with more accusations.

O'Reilly's book, Old School: Life in the Same Lane, pits "old school" people against what he calls "snowflakes. Yet, CNN reports that the section on dating outlines "no means no."

"It would be easy to make fun of all the hoops college administrators expect their students to jump through today before they engage in any kind of intimacy," the book reads. "But there's no middle ground here. It's all about the Old School tenets of respect and responsibility. No means no."

The rest of the book talks about the safe spaces and trigger warnings on college campuses being a result of "snowflakes" flexing their muscle in a "new school" society.

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Amazon.com reviews of O'Reilly's book are not kind.

"Do you really want to take advice on cultural trends from a pervert — a certified sexual harasser — such as O'Reilly?" one person asks.

"By old school, he means racist and sexist," one reviewer railed.

"My favorite old school value is calling female coworkers and telling them graphic sexual descriptions of what I would do with them. So nice and wholesome. Truly Christ-like behavior," another said.

O'Reilly's book debuted at No. 1 on the New York Times Best Seller list.