Noam Chomsky on Republicans: Has anyone ever been this committed to ending human life on Earth?
Noam Chomsky in "Requiem for the American Dream" (YouTube)

Linguist, author and political philosopher Noam Chomsky asked whether any organization in history has been as nihilistic and seemingly dedicated to the extermination of human life on Earth.

In a discussion with Democracy Now!, Chomsky reiterated his remarks from earlier this week that the U.S. Republican Party is the most dangerous organization in the world.

"I also said that it’s an extremely outrageous statement," Chomsky said. "But the question is whether it’s true. I mean, has there ever been an organization in human history that is dedicated, with such commitment, to the destruction of organized human life on Earth? Not that I’m aware of. Is the Republican organization—I hesitate to call it a party—committed to that? Overwhelmingly. There isn’t even any question about it."

Watch the video, embedded below: