Olbermann congratulates Trump on having 'completely failed at everything' in first 100 days
Keith Olbermann has a moment of silence for Trump's accomplishments (Screen capture)

In a blistering video posted Friday afternoon, Keith Olbermann lambasted President Donald Trump and his first 100 days in office.

"Let's review his accomplishments," Olbermann said. "Not accomplishments by our standards, not by human standards, just by the stuff he promised to do for those greedy, hateful and/or naïve people who voted for him. Let's list all that he's done for them."

He then paused for a moment of silence to signify that Trump hasn't done anything for anyone outside of his immediate circle and income bracket. Olbermann absently polished the lenses of his glasses, then polished them again.

"Yep, in the first hundred days he's gotten nothing done for them," Olbermann said.

With the Russians helping him get elected, with a Congress stacked in his direction, with Fox News "dedicated to deliberately falsifying reality to make it fit his addled mind as he sits in a bathrobe watching it," Olbermann said, Trump "has got nothing done."

This impotence is actually Trump's greatest fear in that he craves validation from the very media that he calls the enemy of the people.

Olbermann then ran down a list of campaign promises that candidate Donald Trump made about his first 100 days if he was elected, including, "a bill to repeal and replace Obamacare."

"How's that going for ya, Sparky?" Olbermann quipped, referring to the dramatic failure of the so-called "Trumpcare" bill in Congress.

"So let's help him celebrate the 100 day mark," he said. "Let's flood [Twitter] with tweets now congratulating him on having completely failed at everything in the first hundred days."

Watch the video, embedded below: