Radio host: Vicious war between Trump and GOP brings 'so much joy' it's better than 'Netflix and chill'
Republican strategist Alice Stewat, CNN anchor Ana Cabrera and radio host Dan Obeidallah (Screen capture)

Democratic radio host and contributor to the Daily Beast Dean Obeidallah had a good laugh at President Donald Trump's expense over the vicious infighting diving the GOP on Saturday in an interview with CNN's Ana Cabrera.

When Cabrera asked how Obeidallah feels watching Trump lash out at the House of Representatives' Freedom Caucus, he said, "I think this is a great plan!"

"Donald Trump," he said, "please attack Republicans as much as possible. As a Democrat it's bringing such joy, it's better than 'Netflix and chill.' This is the best thing ever. We're grabbing our popcorn."

The president's strategy, Obeidallah said, "makes no sense." Even his chief media cheerleader Sean Hannity spoke out against Trump's attacks on the far-right Tea Party-spawned group.

"For the near term, Donald Trump is a lame duck," he said, because the president is hemmed in my his own party and Democrats know it would be electoral suicide to cooperate with him.

Watch the video, embedded below: