Scott Baio: 'Goofballs on Twitter' criticized my Erin Moran drug use comments because I like Trump
Scott Baio (YouTube)

Scott Baio on Tuesday blamed backlash over his comments about Erin Moran’s drug use on ”goofballs on Twitter” attacking him because he’s a conservative.

The Chachi Arcola actor, who played alongside Moran in the sitcom Happy Days, made the comments shortly after his former co-star’s death on Saturday.

“For me, you do drugs and you drink you're gonna die,” Baio said. “And I’m sorry if that’s cold, but you know, god gave you a brain, gave you the will to live and thrive,and you gotta take care of yourself, I’m sorry you just have to.”

Moran, in fact, likely died from skin cancer. Despite that, Baio stood by his statement in an interview with TMZ, arguing there’s a “Trump Factor” to the criticism he received after those remarks.

“Goofballs on Twitter started attacking me,” Baio said in an interview. “I’m sure they attacked me because I’m a conservative.”

Baio said anytime someone comments that he “should have voted for affordable healthcare and she’d still be alive,” it’s political, arguing these attacks come from “liberals trying to take me down.” He also argued that no one is angry with the media for “getting the story wrong about heroin.”

“So is what i said insensitive?” Baio asked. “Uh, no.”

Watch the video below via TMZ: