'The day will come when rich men can't buy their way out of this': Watch Maxine Waters eviscerate O'Reilly
Rep. Maxine Waters

Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) on Wednesday eviscerated the Bill O’Reillys and Donald Trumps of the world, promising the day will come when rich persons, rich men, won't be able to buy their way out of this criminal activity.”

Waters said she’s “very proud” of what took place at Fox News with O’Reilly’s ouster, adding it appears Rupert Murdoch’s sons Lachlan and James orchestrated the move. “They’re trying to take this station into a new era,” Waters said.

“I’m proud of the advertisers who decided that they were going to pull their ads from his show,” Waters continued. “I’m so pleased with the women who came forward, who were victims and decided they were going to expose what had happened to them.”

“Bill O’Reilly is not going to be recorded favorably in history,” Waters promised, insisting there appears to be “something wrong with him psychologically.”

“It’s all his fault,” Waters added.

“This is an era of women who are fed up with being taken advantage of, particularly in the workplace,” the congresswoman noted. “We’ve been hearing about this for years.”

Asked by CNN’s Anderson Cooper if she stands by her assertion that O’Reilly should go to jail, considering Donald Trump doesn’t think O’Reilly did anything wrong, Waters said she could care less about what Trump thinks about sexual harassment.

“You can’t pay any attention to what the president says,” Water argued. “They’re cut from the same cloth. They’re two of the same kind.”

“For the President of the United States of America to stand up for a man who spent 13 million dollars in settlements—even though he claims he’s done nothing wrong, certainly he didn’t spend all of that money and make these settlements because he was innocent—and this president knew that, but this is the way the president himself has been accused of acting with women,” Waters said.

“Let me just say this,” Waters continued. ”The day will come when rich persons, rich men won't be able to buy their way out of this criminal activity. And they will go to jail and they should go to jail.”

Watch the video below, via CNN: