'The ultimate hypocrite for everything!': Symone Sanders unloads on Trump over taxes and golf
Symone Sanders (YouTube)

Symone Sanders once against sparred with Trump supporter Jeffrey Lord on CNN Tuesday, and she nailed both Lord and Trump for being hypocrites of the first order.

When Lord tried to defend President Donald Trump's continued refusal to release his tax returns, Sanders noted that Trump once regularly pressed former President Barack Obama to be more transparent, while also regularly slamming the former president for taking frequent golfing outings.

Since being elected, Trump has ended Obama's policy of releasing White House visitor logs, and he has taken more golf trips in his first three months than Obama ever did when he first came to office in 2009.

"Donald Trump is the ultimate hypocrite for everything," she said. "He came at President Obama for golfing, and now he has spent more time on the golf course than actually running the free world. He beat not only President Obama, but also Mitt Romney, about transparency, but now he has the least transparent White House... since Nixon."

Lord replied that none of this really mattered because Trump won the election -- and Sanders let him have it.

"Just because Donald Trump is President of the United States, that doesn't mean he gets to upend the rules and rewrite history. And I think that's something Americans need to remember -- you especially, Jeffrey."

Watch the whole segment below.

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