'There will be buyer's remorse': Michael Moore says many blue-collar Trump voters can be flipped
Michael Moore (MSNBC)

Filmmaker Michael Moore told NPR this week that he talks with lots of Trump voters -- and he believes that many of them can be flipped to vote for a progressive candidate who has the right message.

In an interview on NPR's "Indivisible" podcast, Moore said that there's no way to reach the Trump voters who are hardcore racists -- but he also said those voters weren't even close to a majority of people who voted for Trump.

Rather, he says, many people voted for Trump because of the economic and social breakdown that's occurred throughout many rural parts of the country, particularly in the Midwest where Moore grew up.

Moore then knocked Trump for issuing a bunch of executive orders on buying American products that are only "for show" to make it "look like he's going to do what he said he was going to do."

To Moore, this gives progressives an opportunity to win over some of these voters who feel they've been left behind by the modern economy.

"Do not give up on your fellow Americans," Moore said to his fellow Trump critics. "Many of them who voted for Trump will end up doing the right thing. There will be buyer's remorse."

Moore also said that some people whom he's talked to have admitted that Trump "is not the person they elected" and that there's "some shame involved in that."