The White House on Sunday announced that it would host a dinner on Thursday for the nine justices of the U.S. Supreme Court, then, according to, abruptly announced that due to scheduling conflicts, the dinner would have to be postponed indefinitely.

ABC's Jonathan Karl said on Twitter Sunday afternoon that the "highly unusual" dinner would take place Thursday night.

"This is highly unusual -- President will have dinner with the Justices of the Supreme Court on Thursday, according to the White House," he tweeted.

Hawaii's Sen. Brian Schatz objected, writing, "Why would the Supreme Court agree to do this? I can think of no legitimate reason to dine with a litigant."

Then, Sunday evening, the Hill said, the White House said the dinner would have to be rescheduled to an undetermined later date.

Newly sworn in Justice Neil Gorsuch was slated to attend on Thursday, but it's not clear which other members of the court would attend.

"Presidents hosting Supreme Court justices for dinner isn’t unusual," wrote The Hill's Brandon Carter. "Presidents Hayes, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Eisenhower and Carter all hosted members of the Court at the White House. More recently, President  George W. Bush and his wife hosted members of the Court for a dinner in 2008."

Announcing the dinner and postponing it in the same day, however, bespeaks the reported chaos inside the White House and the limitations of President Donald Trump's "freewheeling" approach to administrative scheduling and appointments.