Trump promised he'd have a full report on the Russian hack today — he doesn't have it
Donald Trump (Photo by: Evan El-Amin and Shutterstock)

As a candidate, President Donald Trump promised to do a lot of things. There was an extensive list of things he intended to do on "day one" as well as plans and reports he intended to order. One deadline for a Trump promise has come and gone.

As The Intercept notes, it was Jan. 13 when the notorious "golden showers" dossier was released to the public. Among other things, it revealed that the Russian government had been "cultivating, supporting and assisting," Trump and his campaign.

He not only denied that the allegations in the dossier were true but that he would have a full report on Russia within 90 days. Thursday, April 13 marks that 90-day deadline. No report has surfaced nor was there an excuse provided by the Trump administration on why there is no report.

There is a possibility that Trump meant 90 days from taking office, which The Intercept notes would give him another week.