WATCH: Disillusioned Trump voter tears apart fans who still excuse his egregious flip-flops
A panel of Trump voters talks with CNN (Screen cap).

A panel of Trump voters on CNN went completely off the rails on Tuesday morning after one regretful Trump voter lashed out at the others for making outlandish excuses for Trump's flip-flops on key issues.

While discussing Trump's newfound support for NATO -- despite the fact that he had called it an "irrelevant" institution as a presidential candidate -- several Trump supporters made excuses for the president and said that he simply didn't have access to the same information as a candidate that he does now as the president.

"I think he was as informed as they could make him," one voter told CNN.

"He wasn't the president [at the time]," said another of Trump's changing positions.

However, disillusioned Trump voter Scott McCommons chimed in and said that these kinds of excuses were not convincing.

"That's not true," he interjected. "He goes behind closed doors just like President Obama did... he gets first-hand information just like everybody else does!"

The panelists argued back that Trump didn't have access to this information about NATO as a candidate, despite the fact that he received briefings from the intelligence community and he had foreign policy advisers who could have educated him about the basics of the military alliance.

"That's a bunch of crap!" McCommons fumed. "That's a bunch of crap, and you all know it!"

Watch the full video below:

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