CNN’s Van Jones schooled Jeffrey Lord over Donald Trump’s executive order revoking federal funds for sanctuary cities—a move a federal judge in California blocked on Tuesday,

Lord was arguing it’s “interesting to hear my liberal friends think that this is a victory” because “apparently … a mayor of any city could declare—let’s say they’re pro-life—they could declare their city to be an abortion-free zone, an abortion-free sanctuary.”

Jones pointed out that’s “not a good example,” reminding Lord “there’s a constitutionally protected right that a woman has [to have an abortion].”

“The reason that mayors don’t want to be turned into arms and agents of the federal government … is because you have whole communities who would just stop cooperating with law enforcement or may not be willing to come forward,” Jones explained, noting mayors need to be able to determine “what they’re going to prioritize.”

“Where were you when the Justice Department went into Ferguson, Missouri?” Lord asked Jones, who appeared shocked by Lord’s challenged.

“What do you mean where was I?” Lord replied. “I was right there in Ferguson getting tear gassed with half of everybody else at CNN.”

“And you wanted the federal government to come in and stop it!” Lord shot back.

Jones tried to explain that he wanted the Justice Department to enforce the Constitutionally-protected rights of a free assembly and press, but Lord cut him off.

“When there’s a cause you favor, you want the federal government to clamp down. When there’s a cause that you don’t favor, you want the federal government to butt out!” Lord charged.

“It’s actually not true,” Jones said. “You have a Constitutional right as an American citizen to, for instance, choose abortion. That’s actually been litigated.”

“The federal government should defend civil and Constitutional rights, that’s part of its role, but it should not deputize every law enforcement agent in the country to do its bidding,” Jones added.

Lord dismissed Jones for “being selective, as my liberal friends often are.”

Watch the video below, via CNN: