'We haven't yet discovered magic': Rep. Ted Lieu says Trumpcare and tax plan have 'bigly' flaw -- math
Rep. Ted Lieu, D-CA (Facebook.com)

Rep. Ted Lieu (D-CA) on Wednesday explained that both of President Donald Trump's plans to reform health care and the tax code will be disastrous for Americans because the math simply does not add up.

In a statement published to his Congressional website, Lieu suggested that Trump was not living in "the real world" if he thought cutting corporate tax rates to 15 percent would not grow the national debt.

“I can explain in one word why the Trump tax plan and Trumpcare are both disasters: math," the congressman opined. "No matter how hard the President and Republicans spin it, 2 + 2 will never equal 5.”

"Despite this mathematically impossible spin, a cold, hard fact remains: the Trump tax plan does not pay for itself," he continued. "America is a great nation, but we haven’t yet discovered magic. In the real world, the rules of math always apply."

According to Lieu, Trump's plan to slash "the business tax rate to 15% without offsetting revenue increases - will blow a ‘bigly’ hole in our nation’s budget, federal deficit and federal debt."