‘West Wing’ actress Allison Janney: ‘The best thing about Sean Spicer is Melissa McCarthy’
Allison Janney (Photo: Screen capture)

Actress Allison Janney joined the women of "The View" Monday and inevitably the conversation turned toward her role on the political television series "The West Wing."

Despite playing a press secretary for years on television, Janney isn't impressed with President Donald Trump's press secretary Sean Spicer.

"The best thing about Sean Spicer is Melissa McCarthy," Janney said.

"Well, look, I was in the cockpit with Aaron Sorkin as my pilot," Janney said of the show's writer and creator. "He's in the cockpit with someone who I'm not sure knows how to fly a plane.

Janney also revealed the only time she met Donald Trump she had to ask him how to pronounce triplex.

Watch the group discuss sexism and more below:

‘West Wing’ actress Allison Janney: ‘The best... by sarahburris