'What's the wine pairing with a cruise missile?': Colbert ridicules Trump eating cake while bombing Afghanistan
Stephen Colbert on Trump's teleprompter (Photo: Screen capture)

Late Show host Stephen Colbert took President Donald Trump to task for bragging about the chocolate cake he was enjoying when he ordered the "Mother of All Bombs" be dropped in Afghanistan.

Sharing clips of Trump on Fox News talking about the "beautiful piece of chocolate cake" he was being served at his Mar-a-Lago resort when he ordered the attack, Colbert turned sarcastic.

'When did you bomb those people? Before dessert?" Colbert snidely asked. "What's the proper wine pairing with a cruise missile? Is it a Merlot, or something more dessert-y like Sauterne? What are we talking about again, war? Okay, do go on!"

Colbert also noted that Trump misidentified the country he ordered bombed and advised South Korea to spray paint "The good Korea (Do not bomb)" in large letters across the countryside before Trump begins his war with North Korea.

Watch the video below via Twitter: