'You don't even know': Anderson Cooper stifles a laugh as floundering Jeffrey Lord invents new conspiracy
Anderson Cooper and Jeffrey Lord (Photo: Screen capture)

It became obvious that conservative commentator Jeffrey Lord had no idea what he was talking about during an appearance on "AC360," and host Anderson Cooper seemed to stifle a laugh at him.

"If there are six people in a locked room and one of them ends up dead five of them suspect," Lord said, comparing the locked room to Susan Rice ordering the reveal of Americans in intelligence reports. "Someone in that group unmasked to the press in violation of the law and committed a federal crime."

"If you're talking about Michael Flynn, that's not -- the [Rep. Devin] Nunes stuff has nothing to do with Russia, we're told," Cooper explained.

Lord persisted, claiming that someone leaked the "unmasking" to the press.

"But, what was released to the press? Because you don't even know what the subject of the unmasking was, right? Because it had nothing to do with Russia," Cooper said.

Lord claimed that's why an investigation is needed so that people can uncover what was done and by whom.

USA Today columnist Kirsten Powers argued that someone can accuse Ivanka Trump of shoplifting at Bergdorf's but it doesn't mean that an investigation is needed to prove it didn't happen.

"That's why we need an investigation," Lord said along with conservative Kayleigh McEnany.

"Should we investigate whether Ivanka Trump was shoplifting? Someone was unmasked, you guys have moved this into leaking," Powers continued.

Watch the full exchange below: