Alabama high school handed out racist 'Hernandez' award that included 'a green card and jar of salsa'
A group of students in El Paso, TX (via U.S. Army Reserve).

When Tanya Hernandez of Valley, Alabama attended an awards ceremony at Valley High School for her sons' band banquet, she was so shocked by racist gag awards that she took to social media to express her displeasure.

"I am still pretty disgusted and embarrassed by 'the awards' that were embarrassing and degrading, in my eyes, last night at the boys' Band Banquet," Hernandez wrote in a public Facebook post. "I am personally disgusted by the 'Hernandez' award where the winner is awarded a pail and a bucket to dig across the border, a green card, a bag of chips, and a jar of salsa."

Hernandez went on to describe other supposedly humorous awards, including kids who were given "duct tape for their mouths" and a student "who was given a banner for her annoying personality".

The "pissed off" mother of "mixed" children said the fake awards portion was lengthy, and "went beyond what's acceptable".

"In my opinion, I need an apology from the band director, the principal, the superintendent of education, and all of the board members," Hernandez wrote. "Or, maybe, someone needs to file a lawsuit."

Read the entire post describing these so-called "gag" awards below, via Facebook.