Biker who allegedly manhandled protester says Trump has personally thanked him for his 'services'
Neil Makhija at Trump rally -- (YouTube screengrab)

This past weekend, video emerged of several "Bikers for Trump" removing a person of color from a Trump rally because they mistook him for a protester.

In an interview with Politico, Bikers for Trump member Dennis Egbert said that Trump is a big believer in the unofficial security "services" that he and his friends deliver at rallies.

"[Egbert] said that Trump — who has promoted the biker group on his Twitter account, touting their presence at his inauguration — has personally thanked him for his rally security work on three separate occasions," Politico writes.

The publication also quotes Egbert as saying of Trump, "If I was doing anything wrong, he would’ve told me."

In a video posted this past weekend, Bikers for Trump members can be seen approaching a rally goer named Neil Makhija and physically forcing him out of the arena, despite the fact that Makhija claims he was not doing any protesting at the event and was simply there to watch.