Carl Bernstein warns Trump's 'stability, honesty and fitness' is scaring conservatives who once supported him
Carl Bernstein (CNN)

Veteran journalist Carl Bernstein fears for President Donald Trump's "stability" and thinks it is the most important piece of the political puzzle right now. It's prompting many who once supported Trump to

"There is another much more dangerous," Bernstein began. "I'm not talking about obstruction of justice and people around and in the FBI that I have talked to would say there has been every effort made to impede the investigation. But more important than this, we are hearing from conservative and Republican commentators in the press, Jonah Goldberg, Charles Krauthammer and others questioning the stability of the president of the United States. This is unheard of."

Bernstein compared the "freak out" to the Watergate days when he said the GOP was heroic in the way that they demanded accountability.

"They investigated and investigated and voted for his impeachment because they were willing to see the truth served," he continued. "We have not seen something similar from the Republicans thus far. Maybe we will but what we are hearing in private from many people on Capitol Hill, congressmen, senators, they doubt the stability, honesty and fitness for office of this president of the United States. That's become part of the story for the press. ... We would have a different kind of dynamic. Richard Nixon was a criminal president. Donald Trump is a president with whom there is a grave question about his fitness and ability to conduct the office of the presidency. That's going hand in hand with the possible cover-up into collusion with a foreign power."

Bernstein went on to say that many have talked to Republican leaders on Capitol Hill who not only question the stability but outright "doubt the stability."

"In the last week, it has really been demonstrated, it's part of the story and it is very hard to cover, it's a different dynamic than we have ever had to deal with before," Bernstein said. "But the tweets that the president of the United States have been making are a roadmap of his mind. That roadmap takes very crooked corners."

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