CNN guest slams 'deplorable' Trump plans: 'The most boorish ignorant foreign policy we've seen'
Bill Press on his radio show (Screenshot)

Talk radio host Bill Press unleashed on President Donald Trump's foreign policy in a Memorial Day political panel on CNN.

News broke over the weekend that German Chancellor Angela Merkel revealed she believes the EU countries can no longer count on the United States as an ally. She went on to suggest the EU might think of acquiring their own nuclear weapons arsenal as a result.

"First of all, if you talk about not smart foreign policy, I think we just saw an example on the part of our president of the most boorish ignorant foreign policy we've seen," Press said. "Angela Merkel was reflecting reality. The United States is not reliable anymore as a partnership particularly in Europe or around the world. I think that is very -- should be very troubling for all Americans. Particularly this European partnership."

Press went on to give the historic context of his accusations saying that the relationship and partnership between the U.S. and Europe dates back to over 70 years of sharing intelligence and a national security allegiance. He noted that it was a particular concern for Republican presidents over the years.

"Put together by Dwight Eisenhower, reinforced by Richard Nixon and both Bush presidents. This is something that has been sort of the hallmark of American foreign policy," Press continued. "For Donald Trump to go there and trash it in two days I think is deplorable. Who does it benefit? The other guy who wants to destroy is Vladimir Putin."

Watch the full discussion below:

Bill Press slams 'deplorable' Trump plans: 'The... by sarahburris