Trump supporter Jeffrey Lord tried to defend President Donald Trump's historically illiterate comments about Andrew Jackson and the Civil War on Tuesday, but he mostly flailed around wildly and left his fellow CNN panelist utterly baffled.

During a panel discussion on Trump's insistence on doubling down on false claims, Lord said that Trump was perfectly justified in saying that Andrew Jackson was "very angry" about the Civil War, despite the fact that Jackson had died 16 years before the war had begun.

"I think he's just answering questions," Lord said. "The Civil War issue, I think, has been way overblown. I was just looking at his statement again. And he used the phrase, 'if Jackson had been there a little later,' meaning if he had been president in 1856, between 1856 and 1860, he might have been a whole lot less passive than James Buchanan was."

Panelist Symone Sanders, however, pointed out that Trump had clearly said that Jackson was angry about the Civil War as it was happening, which means Trump believed he was still alive at the time of the conflict.

Unable to mount a defense for Trump's remarks, Lord then went on to say that Democrats are the real supporters of Andrew Jackson, as he "put this core of racism at the center of the Democratic Party, which still exists today."

Lord similarly tried to deflect from Trump's embrace of false claims by pivoting back to the leaking of Michael Flynn's talks with members of the Russian government to the press, and to former President Barack Obama for saying "he had an uncle that liberated one of the death camps where unless he was a Russian simply didn't happen."

The difference in the latter example is that Obama acknowledged he misspoke when he said his great uncle had liberated Auschwitz, when in fact the uncle had liberated a concentration camp in Ohrdruf. President Trump, on the other hand, has never admitted error about anything.

Watch the whole video below.

Symone Sanders vs. Jeffrey Lord by sarahburris