As the news cycle remains dominated by revelations from Sally Yates and James Clappers' Senate judiciary hearing, two guests on a CNN panel sparred over whether the scandal surrounding disgraced adviser Michael Flynn could be blamed on President Barack Obama or Donald Trump.

While discussing Flynn, Jason Miller, who acted as communications director for Donald Trump's transition team, said on Anderson Cooper's panel that if Obama had seen something "so untoward" in Flynn, he should have made that information public.

In response, longtime White House correspondent April Ryan interrupted by saying "he fired him," referencing the fact that Obama's administration fired Flynn from the Defense Intelligence Agency in 2014.

Miller then claimed that Obama didn't want Flynn in Trump's administration because "he had been a sharp critic" of the former president's.

"That is not it," Ryan rebutted. "It is about the good of the country"

Watch the entire exchange, and the conversation surrounding it, below via CNN.