A CNN panel erupted after a prominent Donald Trump surrogate tried to make the argument that being investigated by a special counsel was good news for President Donald Trump.

CNN contributor Kayleigh McEnany shocked a panel on Anderson Cooper 360 with the bold claim that the appointment of special counsel Robert Mueller was, "good for the Trump administration."

Republican strategist Amanda Carpenter was having none of it.

"Can we just cut through the crap here?" Carpenter interrupted. "There's no rational world where this is good news for the Trump administration."

Carpenter demanded accountability for Republicans like Reince Priebus for enabling President Trump.

"Now all these Republicans are hand cuffed to Donald trump. Where has this gotten us?" Carpenter asked rhetorically. "Where are the people, the surrogates that barked and clapped like circus seals in praise of everything this man has done that was bad."

Carpenter then addressed the other two Republicans on the panel for their support of Trump.

"What has he done for you?" Carpenter directly asked the other Republicans on the AC360 panel. "He's dragged you into a terrible place."

Watch the whole thing.