CNN's Hughes demands apology from 'bully' Sam Bee for mocking her 'mazel tov cocktail' defense of Trump
Scottie Nell Hughes and Samantha Bee

CNN contributor and Donald Trump booster Scottie Nell Hughes thinks comedian Samantha Bee “bullied” her last weekend during the “Not the White House Press Correspondent’s Dinner,” according to an open letter she wrote to the TBS host.

During the dinner, Bee railed against CNN head Jeff Zucker, who last month explained his network operates under “the idea that politics is sport,” a truth Zucker described as “undeniable.”

“It’s certainly undeniable that CNN treats [politics] like sport right down to sending players on the field despite their evident brain damage,” Bee said last weekend, rolling a montage of CNN hosts—including Nell Hughes—making inane arguments. In Hughes’ case, the footage was of her referring to a “Molotov cocktail” as “mazel tov cocktail.”

“This past weekend on Not The White House Correspondents’ Dinner, you attacked me, personally–on national TV–not for my political views or my never-wavering support for President Trump,” Hughes wrote. “Nope, you attacked my intelligence with a cheap ‘brain damage’ insult which was used to introduce video of my now infamous ‘mazel tov cocktail’ slip-of-the-tongue.”

Hughes admitted that the “silly verbal stumble” is “fair game,” before complaining “bullying with hurtful insults about someone’s intelligence is not.”

“Hypocritical bullies like you will march on Washington at the drop of a hat, to allegedly support ‘women’s rights,’ but then attack and demean women who possess differing political views,” Hughes wrote. “Shame on you and your team of writers. You owe me a sincere apology.”

Hughes explained her “overall point was valid” when she made her “infamous” mazel tov cocktail, but said her “point was all but lost after I made what we in the TV news business call a ‘slip-of-the-tongue.’”

”What came next was an avalanche of hate and derision from the left, and a whole lot of laughter from the right,” Hughes said, insisting while she has “no problem laughing at” herself, she does “have a huge problem with bullying and vicious personal attacks; especially from journalists and satirists like you.”

“I’m fine being the butt of the joke because clever satire provides a broader platform to express my position on the critical issues facing our country—always a good thing,” Hughes boasted, before gloating that Trump “became President-elect Trump by a razor-thin margin the day after my silly slip-of-the-tongue.”

“Trust me, that and Neil Gorsuch quickly taking his seat on the Supreme Court make the occasional stings far less painful,” Hughes gloated.

“Either way, Game on Samantha Bee! Anytime you want to square off and talk, face-to-face, about the real issues facing Americans, Live, without your writers propping you up with scripted lines and insults, I’m happy to oblige.” Hughes wrote.