CNN's Kirsten Powers draws 'a straight line” between Trump and GOP candidate's assault on reporter
Pres. Donald Trump mocking NYT reporter Serge Kovaleski on the campaign trail in 2016 (Screen capture)

CNN’s Kirsten Powers on Wednesday related Montana Republican Greg Gianforte’s body-slamming of a Guardian reporter to Donald Trump’s antagonistic rhetoric towards journalism, noting there’s a “straight line” between the two.

Referring to audio that reports to catch Guardian reporter Ben Jacob’s exchange with Gianforte, Powers notes that on tape, “the reporter is saying, quite clearly, ‘he body-slammed me,’ and no one disputed it.”

“If the reporter forced their way into an office, that’s inappropriate,” Powers noted. “That said, the response to that is never physical violence”

Host Anderson Cooper later noted there might be a connection between Trump and the “environment of antipathy toward reporters and this sort of license to act out on it” displayed by Gianforte.

Powers pointed to a statement from Gianforte’s campaign that blamed the incident on “liberal journalists,” noting the phrase was intended to make reporters seem “sub-human or something.”

Powers said while conservatives have historically thought “journalists are a little too liberal,” it’s “never been the way it is now.”

“And that flows from Donald Trump,” she said. “I mean it’s a straight line”

“I can almost guarantee you there are going to be conservatives who come out in support of what he did,” Powers added.

Watch the video below, via CNN: