Washington Post conservative columnist Jennifer Rubin said on Friday's edition of "Hardball" on MSNBC that if President Donald Trump's "clown show" presidency is still around in November of 2018, the administration will prove to be a huge electoral liability for the Republican Party.

Rubin wrote about Trump's Saturday morning tweets attacking ex-FBI Director James Comey and she demanded to know how long Republicans are going to be silent in the face of Trump's lawless behavior.

"They may wait until 2018," Rubin said, "and I think they're going to get quite a thrashing. Usually the party that has the White House loses seats, but if this is the clown show that's going on then, they're going to lose a whole bunch of seats."

Rubin has been critical of Trump since early in the 2016 race. Shortly after the inauguration when the president was blowing his top about media coverage of his inaugural crowds, Rubin wondered whether Trump is even sane enough to know that he's lying.

Watch the video, embedded below:

Conservative writer: GOP will get 2018... by sarahburris