Dan Rather nails Donald Trump for his 'incoherent tweets' that keep the US in constant anxiety
Dan Rather (Photo: Facebook)

Veteran newsman Dan Rather confession Facebook Tuesday that he prays each night a "silent prayer for my country." Lately, however, it's been more necessary.

"As of late I feel an anxiety gripping my heart and a sadness permeating my soul that seems unlike anything I have felt before," Rather said.

He went on to admit that each night he falls asleep he hopes the United States doesn't fall into some kind of "governmental chaos." But each morning he wakes he sees President Donald Trump's "incoherent tweets" followed by "explosive headlines."

"And with that, we are falling once again," he said.

Under Trump's leadership, Rather conceded he sees "recklessness where we need leadership," "politicians putting power and politics over principle" and "lies treated as truths." Each of which has left Rather saddened, incredulous and disgusted.

"I see justice denied and likely obstructed, and I am fearful," Rather acknowledged. "I see norms flaunted and I am angry. I see global challenges going unaddressed and I am worried. I see the press under attack... and I am furious.

I see this, and more, so much more and I am exhausted."

In wake of scandal after scandal under the Trump administration, Rather said he thinks of America's darkest days after Pearl Harbor, Watergate or John F. Kennedy's assassination and the ways in which the country "overcame."

"I do believe that we shall overcome, someday," Rather closed. "Perhaps, hopefully, someday soon. But in the end, prayer will not be enough. Action, sustained action, will be required."

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