Dan Rather: Trump investigation bombshells are like a ‘forest fire devouring dry timber’
Dan Rather (Photo: Screen capture)

The Friday bombshells about President Donald Trump stunned veteran journalist Dan Rather.

“Blockbuster developments hit the news cycle in rapid succession on an administration that many fear has been severely compromised," former CBS Evening News anchor Dan Rather said in a new Facebook post. "The latest bombshells from the last few hours rise to the level of screaming headlines worthy of a Hollywood script."

Rather, who got his first big national break reporting on the 1963 assassination of President John F. Kennedy, covered Watergate as White House correspondent for CBS News.

"I have never seen a story of this nature move so fast," Rather explained. "The fantastic becomes the unbelieveable. The unbelieveable becomes the believable. The believable becomes old news. All within a matter of hours."

The longtime journalist likened the developments to a catastrophic fire.

"It reminds of a forest fire devouring dry timber. But what is burning is the very structure of our democracy," Rather suggested. "My hope is that it is such a raging inferno that even the most cynical members of Mr. Trump's party cannot ignore the flames. We are well past wondering whether the smoke suggests a fire."

Rather's full post embedded below: