Endangered GOP lawmaker Darrell Issa hides out on roof while avoiding angry constituents
Darrell Issa spotted on the roof of his district building as constituents protest below (Photo via Twitter).

Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA) was spotted on the roof of his district office building on Tuesday looking out at a crowd of angry constituents that he had avoided on his way into the building.

A photo of Issa on the roof was posted by Mike Levin, a California Democrat who is running to unseat the nine-term congressman in 2018. In the photo, Issa appears to be holding a phone and filming all the hundreds of protesters who lined up across the street from the building.

"Yes, this is really Darrell Issa on the roof of his district office building," Levin wrote. "Too afraid to come speak with assembled constituents below."

Levin noted that Issa earlier in the day had walked past protesters at his office but didn't interact with them in any way.

Joshua Stewart, a writer for the San Diego Union-Tribune, said he received an angry call from Issa over the incident.

(Note: This article has been updated)