'For the love of god, stop digging you fool!': Internet aghast after Trump digs in heels on Andrew Jackson praise
Photo of Donald Trump by Flicker User Michael Vadon

President Donald Trump took to Twitter to double down on his earlier comments about former President Andrew Jackson and the Civil War.

Early today, the internet quickly pounced on President Donald Trump's historical illiteracy after the Washington Examiner published an interview where the Commander in Chief claimed Andrew Jackson would have prevent the Civil War. Of course, Jackson died 16 years before the Civil War. A GOP panelist was crushed on CNN trying to defend Trump.

Once again, the internet pounced. Here are some notable reactions:

Historians have long feared Donald Trump's resemblance to Andrew Jackson. After Trump's insistence on continuing to talk about Jackson, expect those comparisons to get further attention.

There's also a Twitter hashtag:  #AndrewJacksonWouldHave