Former Obama advisor's tweetstorm celebrates Le Pen loss and collapse of the 'Brexit-Trump wave'
Ben Rhodes (left) and another adviser in the Oval Office in 2016 (via White House archives)

Shortly after news of Emmanuel Macron's landslide victory in the French presidential election, The Hill reported that Obama-era foreign policy adviser Ben Rhodes had tweeted analysis of the results of the French election many feared would mirror America's 2016 election.

"Macron's win is a blow to far-right nationalism and a sign (after Austrian, Dutch elections) that the Brexit-Trump wave has broken in West," Rhodes tweeted.

He went on to add: "for those worried about how to defeat Russian/Wikileaks meddling in elections the French showed us: vote against the person they're helping."

Rhodes continued his thread discussing election results by saying that the French "refused to let this attack scare them into voting for the wrong person," and that rather than starting a trend, "Brexit and Trump wins were a wake-up call for voters in the West."

Once called "the asshole who is the president's foreign policy guru" by Foreign Policy, Rhodes served as a foreign policy adviser to President Barack Obama during both the former president's terms.

Read Rhodes' tweet thread on Macron's win below.