Here are the 6 most ridiculous stories Fox & Friends covered this week to avoid discussing Trump scandals
'Fox & Friends' offers tips for apologizing (Screen cap).

The scandal-plagued Trump administration has had a rough week so far -- but you wouldn't know that if you got your news exclusively from Fox & Friends.

While the Fox News morning program has covered the assorted bombshells that have exploded around the Trump administration this week -- including revelations that Trump spilled classified information to Russian government officials and that he reportedly asked fired FBI Director James Comey to stop investigating former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn -- it has mostly dismissed them as non-stories made up by a rabid anti-Trump news media.

When the show wasn't dismissing the flurry of Trump scandals, it was reporting on assorted other outrages designed solely to appeal to its conservative viewers to help them escape from the daily barrage of bad headlines.

Below are the six most ridiculous stories Fox & Friends has covered to avoid talking about Trump.

1.) The debunked Seth Rich conspiracy theory. Earlier this week, fringe conspiracy websites such as InfoWars began pushing a new conspiracy theory that slain DNC staffer Seth Rich had been in contact with WikiLeaks shortly before his murder last summer. The basis of the story was a former Fox News contributor named Rod Wheeler who was hired by a third party to serve as a "private investigator" for the Rich family.

However, Wheeler's story quickly fell apart after the Rich family publicly condemned him for parroting unfounded conspiracy theories about their son's death. Wheeler subsequently admitted to CNN that he actually hadn't seen any emails sent from Rich to WikiLeaks, despite his earlier claims suggesting otherwise.

None of this stopped Fox & Friends from reporting on Wheeler's claims uncritically on Tuesday morning, however.

2. "Nasty, sneering" liberals attacking Miss USA. Earlier this week, Miss USA winner Kara McCullough drew controversy when she said that health care should be viewed as a privilege for people who have jobs, not a right given out just for existing. Although McCullough has since walked back her comments, that didn't stop Fox & Friends from taking up her cause and making her the latest victim of intolerant liberals.

3. Students at a Christian high school name their model rocket after President Trump. When students at the Victory Christian Center School decided to come up with a name for their rocket, they decided to name it after the president because he represents the spirit of "conquering" they want to embody. It goes with out saying that Fox & Friends was all over this story.

4. Marco Rubio attacked for sharing Bible verses on Twitter. After some pundits objected to Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) posting Bible verses on his Twitter account in the wake of mounting Trump scandals, Fox & Friends invited him on to talk about what must have been a harrowing experience.

5. Fox attacks a high school after it dropped the name of its mascot. A high school in South Burlington, Vermont, decided to stop calling its sports teams the "Rebels" over worries that it might make people think it was supporting the Confederacy. Fox particularly sneered that the mascot name supposedly made some students in the school feel "unsafe."

6. ABC cancelled Last Man Standing because Hollywood hates conservatives. Tim Allen's sitcom Last Man Standing was a favorite among some American conservatives, but it was abruptly cancelled by ABC this week. Instead of just chalking it up to a decision over ratings, conservative blogger Matt Walsh told Fox & Friends that it was cancelled due to Hollywood's contempt for Middle America.