'If you have tapes, burn ’em': Nixon's ghost offers Trump advice in hilarious Simpsons short
The Simpsons (Photo: Screen capture)

"The Simpsons" spent Friday night trolling President Donald Trump again by releasing a new video marking the 125th day of President Donald Trump's administration.

The video opens showing Trump's staffers hanging themselves in the press briefing room. Meanwhile, Vice President Mike Pence trying to erase the "vice" off of his nameplate.

Trump is seen laying in bed surrounded by books and paperwork. One book is titled "Two Scoops for Me," another is "How to Lose Friends and Piss Off Israel" as well as "I’m Still Fired by Bill O’Reilly." Trump is trying to talk to former FBI Director James Comey and make a "deal" with him.

“You hand over all your notes, and I’ll erase the tapes,” the cartoon Trump told Comey. “I mean, there are no tapes! No tapes!”

Suddenly, the ghost of Richard Nixon appears to help school Trump on how to handle a scandal.

“I just have one piece of advice. If you have tapes, burn ’em,” Nixon advises him.

He goes on to thank Trump, telling him “I’m now the 44th-best president!”

Watch above, via Facebook.