'It's a one witness impeachment trial': Olbermann puts Trump on notice that Comey will bring him down
ESPN host Keith Olbermann on Dec. 10, 2014 [YouTube]

Keith Olbermann has released a new episode of his GQ show where the longtime broadcaster posits an intriguing legal theory about investigations into Russian collusion with the Donald Trump campaign.

The theory is based on the implications of Trump's tweet threatening James Comey combined with the revelation of the Comey memos in which the FBI director created contemporaneous documentation of his interactions with Trump.

"It is a one witness impeachment trial now waiting to happen," Olbermann said of expected Comey testimony. "Either Comey is lying - and lying and lying and lying or Trump's presidency is already over and we just don't know whether the Republicans will bury it soon in hopes of recovering by the midterms or if they will wait for the possibility that Democrats will get to do it early in 2019."

Olbermann explained seven different scenarios of how the Comey-Trump showdown could play out.

The fascinating aspect of Olbermann's analysis is the importance of Trump's tweet threatening Comey.

"We have that stupid tweet he stupidly sent to stupidly threaten Comey to stupidly make himself feel better," Olbermann said.

"Until and unless Trump can now prove the tapes vindicate him or until and unless Trump can now prove the tapes don't exist and never have existed, the Republicans in Congress have to assume that there are tapes," Olbermann explained.

Watch the whole segment: