‘It’s all bullsh*t’: Trump voters have no regrets because they don’t trust reports on Comey and Russia
Paul Visoky (Facebook)

The daily barrage of scandals related to President Donald Trump and the investigation of his ties to Russia hasn't seemed to cut into his approval -- and some voters say nothing will shake their support.

A recent poll found the president still enjoys strong support in Pennsylvania, where 76 percent of self-identified conservatives rated his job performance positively, reported Newsweek.

In fact, his job performance has improved by 5 percent since February in Luzerne County, part of the crucial northeastern Pennsylvania region that helped send him to the White House.

Voters from there who spoke to Newsweek expressed concerns about reports that Trump fired FBI director James Comey over the Russia probe, but they still trusted the president over the news media.

"I believe Trump is doing the right thing," said Paul Visoky, a general contractor.

He admits it would be troubling if Trump had tried to stop the investigation of Mike Flynn, but he doesn't trust Comey's account because he considers his claims just sour grapes -- although he would consider a video recording as proof.

“It’s all bullsh*t," Visoky said. "I’m just tired of it. I wish they would just play well with each other instead of all this infighting."

Richard Sorokas, a retired Procter & Gamble employee, agrees asking Comey to end the Flynn investigation would be a "black mark," but he still believes Trump fired the FBI director over his handling of Hillary Clinton's email probe.

"Right now the positives are overlaying the negatives with Trump," said Sorokas, who volunteered for both of President Barack Obama's campaigns.

Mark Rabo, a heavy equipment operator, told Newsweek that he was disturbed by reports that Trump leaked classified information to senior Russian officials and would like to see an independent investigation into the president's ties to the Kremlin.

But his support for Trump hasn't waned.

"The guy’s only been in office four months," said Rabo, whose father emigrated from Jordan. "It usually takes over one year of a presidency to judge the direction of the country."

Another Luzerne County voter spoke to Bloomberg about her feelings for Trump following Comey's firing and bombshell reports about Russia ties.

"I don’t know why all these Democrats are in an uproar," said Kim Woodrosky, a real estate investor. "They wanted Comey’s head for what he did with Hillary. Now they’re trying to say, 'Whoa!' If it had been done prior to now, the Democrats would have clapped."