Appearing on CNN Friday morning, contributor Angela Rye took pity on Press Secretary Sean Spicer's thankless job of having to defend President Donald Trump on a daily basis.

Speaking with host Kate Bolduan, the political strategist was asked if she had any advice for the embattled press secretary who not only fights with the press everyday, but has seen himself turned into a national punchline as "Spicey," due to the devastating portrayal of him by actress Melissa McCarthy on Saturday Night Live.

Referring to the dual controversies over Trump's threatening former FBI Director James Comey on Twitter and a letter from Trump's lawyer saying the President taxes show no Russian money, albeit "with few exceptions," host Bolduan asked Rye, "What's your advice to Sean Spicer because the president has put him in a bad position?"

"You know the only advice I can give him is just to watch Melissa [McCarthy] rolling down that New York street today with that podium," a laughing Rye began by referencing an SNL publicity stunt Friday morning .

Turning serious, she added, "I don't have any advice for Sean Spicer. It's a job he never should have taken. I've watched him on this network before he took this job and he was far more credible then. It is impossible to defend a liar. Your credibility means more than that. Human decency is the threshold standard he's violated on all fronts with this president."

Watch the video below via CNN: