'It’s like Groundhog Day’: CNN's Jake Tapper nails déjà vu over GOP’s ‘last, best’ healthcare attempt
Jake Tapper rails against fake news (Photo: Screen cap)

CNN’s Jake Tapper on Wednesday shaded House Republicans for insisting they’re “close” to passing a new healthcare law, noting the narrative is “like Groundhog Day”—and reminiscent of a promise conservatives have made before.

“Welcome back, my apologies—you have heard this before, but House Republicans are again working frantically on their latest, ‘last, best chance’ to repeal Obamacare,” Tapper began Wednesday on CNN’s “The Lead."

“It’s like Groundhog Day a little bit here,” Tapper added.

Tapper spoke with CNN congressional correspondent Phil Mattingly, who noted both Republican Reps. Billy Long and Fred Upton flipped from “no” to “yes” on the GOP’s bill.

“For the first time in days, optimism, no matter how hedged,” Mattingly told Tapper. The CNN correspondent noted that both House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) and Vice President Mike Pence were on Capitol Hill Wednesday to court votes.

“This is really a full-on blitz,” Mattingly said. “You noted it’s a little bit like Groundhog Day: We’ve been through this many times.”

Watch the video below, via CNN::