'It's my only income': Trump voter shocked after learning he plans to cut key program she needs
Trump voter Krista Shockey (Screen cap via CNN).

Krista Shockey, a Trump voter who relies on the Supplemental Security Income (SSI) program to survive, reacted with shock this week after CNN told her that President Donald Trump's budget proposes massive cuts to the program.

In an interview with CNN's Heather Long, Shockey explained that there is simply no way she'll be able to find work if her SSI payments get reduced or even eliminated.

"There's no way I could go back to work," Shockey explained. "I've got a lot of problems. I'm crippled in my feet, knees, back, hands."

CNN first interviewed Shockey this past fall, when she explained that she was a "life-long Democrat" who was voting for Trump in the fall. At the time, Shockey said that there was no way she could possibly live without SSI payments.

"It's my only income," she told the network.

In addition to Trump's proposed cuts to SSI, his budget also calls for deep cuts to both Medicaid and SNAP, the program responsible for providing food stamps. The president has also proposed eliminating both the inheritance tax and the capital gains tax, two changes that would almost exclusively benefit high income earners.

Watch video of CNN's Heather Long talking about reaction to the proposed budget below.