'It’s scary on another level’: Conservative on The View stunned by how ‘stupid’ Trump can be
The View's Jedediah Bila on 5/15 (via screengrab).

As the fallout over President Donald Trump's firing of former FBI Director James Comey continues, the number of conservatives openly questioning their president's actions is growing.

One such conservative is The View's Jedediah Bila, a conservative analyst who used to regularly appear on Fox News, whose dissatisfaction with Trump and his handling of the Comey firing scandal made her call him "stupid" on-air.

When discussing a Fox News interview where Trump claims he never demanded loyalty from Comey, Bila condemned the president's actions in harsh terms.

"How stupid is it to ask the guy who's investigating you, 'are you gonna be loyal to me?'," Bila said. "Really, it's scary on another level because then you think, this is the guy leading the country, this is the guy implementing policy."

Bila's comments about the president's intelligence were joined by co-hosts Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar's reminiscences of the culture surrounding former Sen. Joseph McCarthy's communist witch hunts in the 1950's.

Goldberg used the popular McCarthyist phrase "are you now or have you ever been", a reference to questioning of supposed members of communist parties, while Behar shared an anecdote about teachers being forced to swear loyalty to the US government during the Red Scare.

"It's on the spectrum of fascism, let's put it that way," Behar said.

Watch the entire segment on Trump's alleged loyalty demand of Comey below, via ABC.