John Oliver hits back when Fox News attacks his net neutrality campaign
John Oliver calling out Elizabeth Harrington from the Washington Free Beacon (Photo: Screen capture)

John Oliver wasn't about to let it go when Fox Business News hosts attacked his net neutrality campaign. In previous episodes, Oliver has worked to explain the complicated topic and began a campaign to encourage people to express a plethora of public comments about the opposition to the Federal Election Commission removing independence from internet service providers.

In a web exclusive, Oliver explained that over 1.6 million comments have been made on both sides of the issue, but Fox took issue with the fact that some were from people saying that their names were "Donald Trump" or "John Oliver." Other comments were insulting or racist, and Oliver told those commenters to “cut it out.”

Elizabeth Harrington from the Washington Free Beacon gathered that the campaign was worth discounting entirely due to a few of the comments she didn't deem serious. A shocking assessment of a campaign titled GoFCCYourself. However, Oliver's more important message was for people to hold off on commenting since the FCC is voting on May 18 and won't consider any comments the week prior to a vote. He promised they would redirect his website back to the public comments section after that week.

Oliver also demanded that internet bots wake up to the fact that they're in trouble without net neutrality. According to the FCC there have been over 128,000 anti-net neutrality comments that are nearly identical and posted by spam bots.

"You would assume the bots would be in favor of a free and open internet," Oliver noted.

But one comment truly took Oliver back to what the issue is really about.

"I want to be able to view my streaming porn from redtube with out more lag. Please dont screw me here :| its all i got [sic]" the comment read, saying that the person's location was on the International Space Station.

His explanation for why this comment isn't real isn't suitable for work but you can watch it in the video below: