Judge Jeanine goes on unhinged rant: I know who the White House leaker is ‘but I’m not ready to share’
Judge Jeanine Pirro (Fox News)

As Fox News faces declining ratings following the public ouster of Bill O’Reilly, hosts are pulling out all the stops to redeem the network among viewers (including pushing a fake conspiracy theory about a murdered DNC staffer despite pleas from his family).

In her opening statement on Saturday, Judge Jeanine Pirro unsurprisingly ignored any mention of the Russia scandals engulfing the White House when she railed against leakers, insisting she has her “own ideas who that person is,” but is “not ready to share them.”

“Yet,” she added, teasing the sometime in the foreseeable future she may be be willing to divulge the person she believes is “an enemy of the United States.”

“We are in big trouble,” Pirro said. “What is it? The leaks. Yes, leaks. There is a leaker in the White House, there is traitor inside the people’s house. A traitor who must be taken out. That person is an enemy of the United States. That person doing enormous damage, no just to the president—who is certainly capable of taking care of himself—but instead to our nation.”

Watch Pirro’s rant below, via Fox News: