Keith Olbermann: Trump could be indicted on 17 counts for just the last week
Keith Olbermann (Photo: Screen capture)

Keith Olbermann took deep dive a charges from just the last week that could be included in Articles of Impeachment or criminal prosecution after he leaves office.

"Trump could theoretically wind up being accused of 17 separate counts of six separate just the last week," Olbermann explained.

The list of alleged crimes Olbermann cited included blackmail, witness intimidation, destruction of government property, obstruction of justice, conspiracy, intimidating a whistleblower and threats against private citizens.

"Donald Trump has eliminated his own benefit of the confusion," Olberman explained. "The Trump-Russia coverup case is now about threatening people and firing people and pressuring people to keep them from investigating you and your colleagues."

"The smoke doesn't matter anymore," Olbermann concluded. "Who needs Russian smoke when the White House is on fire."

Watch the whole segment: