'Kill me now': Stephen Colbert freaks out over Trump running campaign ads for 2020 presidential run
Stephen Colbert -- (CBS scree grab)

Late Show host Stephen Colbert was not to happy to see that a group affiliated with President Donald Trump is already running television ads touting his few meager achievements as a precursor to his running for president again in 2020

"One of the nice things about having Donald Trump in office is knowing that it's all behind us," Colbert remarked as video ran of CNN's Jake Tapper saying, "The countdown to 2020 is already on."

Cutting back back to the now-empty Ed Sullivan Theater stage, Colbert slowly reappeared from under the camera -- desperately whispering, "Kill me now."

According to the late night host, the ad is promoting Trump's vague accomplishments as a build-up to a possible second presidential campaign.

"Listen," he admonished Trump. "This is very important. I have a message for our president-- no new elections until you finish your wars."

"They did manage to fit all of Trump's accomplishments into the 15 seconds", Colbert observed, with the commercial's narrator  listing off, "Respected Supreme Court justice confirmed. Companies investing in American jobs again. America becoming more energy independent. Regulations that kill American  jobs eliminated. The biggest tax cut plan in history."

'You see what they did there?" Colbert abruptly asked. "They didn't say it was the biggest tax cut in history. They said it was the biggest tax cut 'plan' in history."

"Anyone can do that, watch: I plan to cut everybody's taxes to zero percent. There, now I, Stephen Colbert, have the 'biggest tax cut plan' in history," he quipped before adding, "You're welcome -- theoretically."

Watch the video below via CBS: