'Lawyers must be losing their minds': GOP strategist explains why Trump's Russia war room will be a disaster
GOP strategist Rick Wilson -- (MSNBC screencapture)

The latest rumors flying around the Trump White House are that Trump wants to bring back former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski to run an internal "war room" to fight back against bad press about the investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election.

Lewandowski was a highly controversial figure even among some Trump loyalists during the 2016 campaign -- for example, Trump campaign adviser Michael Caputo openly celebrated when Lewandowski got fired last June, and former Trump adviser Sam Nunberg said he wanted to "literally... suck the f*cking blood out" of Lewandowski's skull.

Republican strategist Rick Wilson, taking stock of Lewandowski's toxic reputation, penned a tweet storm on Tuesday morning explaining why Trump's planned "war room" is an absolute disaster in the making.

Most fundamentally, Wilson noted that no staff shakeup will change Trump, who has shown himself to be incapable of any kind of behavior or message discipline. What's more, he explained that bringing Lewandowski into the mix will only serve as an accelerant for Trump's already combustible personality.

"The War Room with Corey et al will likely cause more news than it manages," Wilson wrote. "They'll start big fights that absorb more of the WH's already limited bandwidth & political capital. War Room + Rallies + 100% Attack Mode is a pure base play, which should tell you a lot."

Wilson then took a moment to take pity on the poor White House attorneys who are doing their best to actually defend the administration from potential criminal charges.

"It will feed all of Trump's worst instincts and his worst behaviors," he wrote. "Expect loco Tweets. The lawyers must be losing their minds."

Read the whole tweet storm below.