'Literally the worst idea I've ever heard': Internet aghast at Trump's plan to give speech on Islam in Saudi Arabia
Donald Trump addresses supporters in West Des Moines, Iowa, on February 1, 2016 (AFP Photo/Jim Watson)

President Donald Trump is not known for his kindness towards Muslims -- so when Twitter users learned that the president was giving a speech on Islam in Saudi Arabia, they were unsurprisingly shocked.

According to Haaretz, Saudi Arabia is to be the first stop on the president's "America First" tour, likely due to a reported $100 billion dollar arms deal between the U.S. and the theocratic Arab monarchy. While

"I'm more excited for Trump to ad lib his way through a speech on Islam in 100 degree weather than i am for any upcoming UFC card," one popular Twitter personality wrote.

Dave Pell, managing editor of NextDraft, quipped that "that sound you hear is the entire world laughing."

"'Trump to deliver speech on Islam in Saudi Arabia' is literally the worst idea I've ever heard" joked Dealbreaker's executive editor Thorton McEnery.

Read the Internet's befuddled reactions to Trump's Islam speech below.