Martha Stewart gives Donald Trump the finger in viral photo
Martha Stewart tells CNN Money that Donald Trump is "totally unprepared" for the demands of the presidency (Screen capture)

Recent articles from The Hill and others show design superstar Martha Stewart appearing to flip off a portrait of Donald Trump -- and in the same photo, flashing the peace sign to a portrait of rapper and Martha & Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party costar Snoop Dogg.

The photo was snapped on Saturday night at Frieze Art Fair in New York, and the account that originally posted the photo on Twitter has since been set to private -- but not before the photo of Stewart went viral. Stewart herself posted a similar photo on her own Instagram that showed her giving the "V" peace sign to both portraits.

Kevin Sharkey, an executive at Stewart's Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia company, is credited on Stewart's Instagram as the photographer of the second photo and appears to be the photographer of the first -- in his post with the photo, he said that the double-peace sign photo is a "politically correct version," and is "so much less interesting".

Stewart publicly opposed Trump during the presidential election, and told CNN that he was "totally unprepared" for the presidency.